The Vertellis Friday Question

  • Do you have any long-term programs?

    Awesome that you want to work with Vertellis in the long term! If you want something to really sink your teeth into for a while, take a look at Vertellis Mindset. This is our online 12-month program in which you build a strong, positive mindset and find out what kind of life you really want. If...
  • How do I subscribe to the Vertellis Friday Question?

    Very simple: enter your first name and e-mail address HERE, and your new Friday ritual is born!
  • How many Friday Questions are there?

    We’re almost up to number 150! And new questions are written every single week! That is a LOT of inspiration and reflection 😉 Did we pique your interest? Why not try it out! Sign up for the Vertellis Friday Question HERE!
  • Is the Vertellis Friday Question the same thing as a newsletter?

    Good question! Although we send out the Friday Question every week, it’s not the same thing as a newsletter. We send our newsletter every now and then, for example when we want to announce a new product, when we’re running one of our awesome promotions or when we have some other fun news to shar...
  • Should I share my answers with you?

    You’re always welcome to, we love reading your answers! But if you’d rather share them with friends or family or if you prefer to keep your answers to yourself, that is totally fine too. You can answer the Friday Question however you want! If you haven’t joined yet, you can sign up for the Verte...